Home Bar Basics

A home bar not only provides a place to display your fun loving character, it also offers a showcase to display all of those whimsical bar nic naks you have collecting dust. As with any home project, setting up a home bar begins with the basics, deciding on a concept or design theme that blends with and accentuates the space. Most importantly, a home bar should reflect the character of the barkeep, as most barkeeps are indeed characters.

The scope and range of the project depends on your individual needs, tastes and budget. Here are some basic considerations when planning your home bar:

Once you have thought out the basic concept of what you want from a home bar, plan out the fundamental elements. When selecting a structure for your bar, make sure to include:

Additional options, to name a few, include bar sink, ice maker, refrigerator, wine rack, blender and ice crusher.

The links on this page will lead you to a wide variety of styles and choices in home bar structures. Cick Continue to see a sample of my own little home bar project.


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